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Established in 1990, Maritime International Ltd. is one of the oldest and most trusted offshore service providers offering legal second citizenship and residency programs.
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Maritime International Ltd., incorporated in 1990, recommends the Commonwealth of Dominica as the TOP jurisdiction for acquiring a second citizenship and second passport. The only other jurisdiction with such a legal program is St. Kitts & Nevis, but it is very expensive, requiring the purchase of a property worth at least US $350,000 in addition to Government fees. The Dominica program is much less expensive and just as good.

Note that the old programs in Belize and Grenada were cancelled years ago. Programs advertised on the internet for Latin America and the EU do not exist, except as residency programs, with citizenship available after three to seven years, except: Irish citizenship can be obtained by those with direct Irish descent. Austrian citizenship can be obtained under very special circumstances, which primarily requires bringing unique high tech jobs to Austria.

Passports are issued by Uruguay and the Bahamas as part of their residency programs but these do not confer citizenship and can only be legally used for travel into Uruguay and the Bahamas respectively.

Note that a passport can only be legally used if the holder also has citizenship in the country issuing the passport. There are many scams on the internet.

Contact the local Embassy of the country concerned to confirm the legality of any offering.

Maritime International Limited has successfully assisted many hundreds of people over the years in acquiring a 2nd citizenship and 2nd passport. Our clients come from all walks of life and from countries around the world. Our client list includes investment counselors, lawyers, doctors, the head of a large multinational corporation, the president of a real estate company, the owner of a tanker fleet, just to mention a few. We would be more than happy to assist you.

We provide free, confidential advice on taxes, visa free travel and all other matters affecting your acquisition of a 2nd citizenship and 2nd passport, including US expatriation factors. Dual citizenship with two passports is completely legal in almost all countries, including the US. Americans and others may also revoke their current citizenship at any time, if they wish.

We do our best to ensure you are fully satisfied. Follow-up services are provided as required.

Approved Maritime clients have included citizens of the United States, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Yugoslavia, Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Singapore, Hong Kong and others.

Learn more about the Commonwealth of Dominica Citizenship and Passport program.

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