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Maritime International Ltd. provides tips and advice on choosing the best jurisdiction for your offshore company and specific needs.
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Best Value for Money: If you have no special requirements, we recommend Dominica, an old and reputable Offshore Financial Center in the Caribbean, with inexpensive fees.

Best for All-Round Global Business Activities: We recommend Dominica, Belize, the Marshall Islands, Nevis, Hong Kong, St. Vincent and the Seychelles.

Note: the Marshall Islands is the fastest incorporator in the world. If you need speed, choose it.

Best for Doing Business in Asia Pacific: The Number one choice is Hong Kong. Our second choice is the Marshall Islands, which is quick and easy. Other good jurisdictions are Samoa, BVI, Belize and New Zealand.

Note: If you wish a bank account in Hong Kong, you need to incorporate in Hong Kong, BVI or Belize as other jurisdictions are difficult, particularly with HSBC and Standard Chartered banks.

Best for Doing Business in Africa: The Seychelles is the best known and recommended jurisdiction. Mauritius is also excellent but a little more expensive and somewhat slow.


For Clients Resident in China: We recommend BVI (British Virgin Islands), Belize and Panama. Clients using BVI should be aware that, while BVI is the most popular jurisdiction amongst Chinese clients, this popularity has led to China seeking a Tax Information Exchange Agreement with BVI, the same as it currently has with Hong Kong. As BVI is a dependent territory of the UK, it seems likely that an Agreement is only a matter of time.

For Clients Resident in Africa: Some parts of Africa are showing substantial growth, and interest in the "offshore" is growing. Up to the present, the availability of offshore companies has been limited by the lack of Western offshore banks willing to accept African clients. This is changing and we are pleased to be able to offer the "offshore" banking services of one of Africa's largest banks.

On-Shore Companies in China, Vietnam and Thailand: Maritime International Ltd, through its agent networks, can set up representative offices, foreign owned companies and joint venture companies in the above three countries. We can also arrange such structures to be owned by offshore companies.


For LLC's: The Marshall Islands, Nevis and Delaware are the best. LLC's (not Delaware) are the best asset protection vehicles for US Citizens, due to the minimum IRS reporting requirements.

For Investment Activities: We recommend the Panama Financial Services License and Mutual Fund License. In Mauritius, we recommend the GBC 1 Company and the Mauritius Global Investment Fund License. Mauritius is the TOP corporate structure for investment in India, by far.

We recommend the Marshall Islands as a personal investment structure, as well as for investing/trading of securities for small groups of family members and close associates. It is also an excellent vehicle for taking companies public on the New York and other stock exchanges.

For Double Taxation Avoidance: We recommend Cyprus Resident Companies and the Mauritius GBC 1. These are the best. Cyprus is noted for the availability of some 30+ tax treaties for business and investment in Eastern Europe and is now a full member of the European Union (EU). Mauritius also has some 40+ tax treaties and is often used for structuring business activities in India, China and other parts of Asia.

Special Purpose Companies: New Zealand is a first class business jurisdiction which can be structured as a tax free vehicle. It is however, more expensive and used mainly by Premium clients. Be cautious of other offers as a NZ structure has a number of legal requirements which are unknown to most agents.

Check out the Samoa "Special Events Clause": This is one of the best asset protection features available and is only available in Samoa. Note also that the creditor liability of a Samoan company after dissolution is only two years, compared to five to ten years in most other jurisdictions.

Antigua is noted for the availability of worldwide trademark protection facilities for an offshore company's intellectual property business.

St. Vincent has special tax features for residents of CARICOM and also offers Hybrid companies.

If You Wish "Real" Bearer Shares: The ONLY countries offering “Real” Bearer Shares are Antigua, Marshall Islands, Panama, and Seychelles.

Caution: Agents offer bearer shares in other jurisdictions. Such shares however, must be held either at the Registered Office of the jurisdiction or at a bank in the jurisdiction. The owner of the bearer shares MUST by law be identified. This negates any advantage to having bearer shares. There are other serious and negative legal implications. Contact Maritime International Ltd. for further details.

Other General Factors: Click Here if you would like to review more general factors associated with choosing a jurisdiction.

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