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The Commonwealth of Dominica is a ruggedly beautiful English speaking country located in the Eastern Caribbean, between the French islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe. (It is sometimes confused with the Dominican Republic, which is a Spanish speaking island in the Caribbean).

The Commonwealth of Dominica became independent from the United Kingdom on 3 November, 1978. It has a Parliamentary style of government on the UK model and is a member of the British Commonwealth. There is universal suffrage and elections are due every five years. Executive power rests with the Prime Minister and his Cabinet.

Dominica is a relatively new entry to the business of offshore companies, with the International Business Companies Act No. 10 being passed in 1996. It does however, have the excellent asset protection features of many of the more popular offshore tax havens.

Check here for General Information on Dominica.


Offshore companies registered in Dominica are guaranteed tax free for 20 years and there is no requirement to file annual returns or audited statements with government authorities.

Dominica is an independent, sovereign country and is not affected by the EU Savings Tax Directive.

All incorporation documents are in English. A Dominica company may do business anywhere in the world. There is no requirement for Directors or Shareholders to be resident in Dominica and they can be of any nationality. Meetings of Directors and Shareholders can be held anywhere in the world, either in person or by phone.

Bearer shares are allowed but must be kept in Dominica. Share capital is unlimited and there are no extra fees for high capitalization.

Dominica is not a well known offshore jurisdiction and is not as suspect as some of the more popular countries. It is also one of the more inexpensive jurisdictions in which to incorporate an offshore company.


Location of Jurisdiction Dominica - Eastern Caribbean
Political Stability Excellent
EU Savings Tax Directive Applies No
Corporate Taxes None - Read More
Tax Information Exchange Agreements Read More
Disclosure of Beneficial Owner No
Requirement to File Accounts with Government No
Time to Incorporate 3 Business Days

Type of Offshore Company IBC (International Business Company)
Type of Law Common Law
Allowed Business Activities No restrictions except Banking, Trusts, Insurance and Gaming - Read More
Registered Office/Agent Required by Law - Read More
Change of Domicile Allowed - Read More
Shelf Companies Available Yes - See Listings
Language of Documents English - Read More
Annual Meetings Not Required - Read More

Eligibility Any person or company of any nationality
Minimum Number of Directors One
Disclosure to Public No
Disclosure to Government Yes, but nominees may be used - Read More
Residence Required May Reside Anywhere
Local Director Required No
Nominee Director Available
(Recommended - Advantages)
Yes. Provided by Maritime International Ltd. - Read More

Officers Required Optional
Secretary Required Optional
Local Secretary Required No

Minimum Number of Shareholders One
Eligibility Any person or company of any nationality
Disclosure to Government Authorities No
Nominee Shareholders Available Yes. Provided by Maritime International Ltd - Read More
Annual Shareholder’s Meeting Not Required

Minimum Number of Shares One
Maximum Number of Shares Unlimited
Bearer Shares Permitted Yes, but must be kept in Dominica - Read More
Classes of Shares Permitted Voting and non-voting, par value and no par value shares

Permitted Currencies Any
Minimum Paid Up Share Capital US $1.00
Maximum Share Capital Unlimited
Recommended Share Capital US $50,000 (50,000 shares @ US $1.00 per share)

Keep Accounts/Company Books Yes - Read More
Audited Accounts Required No
File Accounts with Government No
Bank Account Location Anywhere - Read More
Brokerage Account Read More
Exchange Controls No



Nominee Directors & Shareholders, Accounting Services, Corporate Identity Package, Virtual Offices, Mailing Address, Basic Account Maintenance, Invoicing Services, Employee Contracts, Documents Safekeeping and general Corporate services for company changes/restructuring etc. More details are available on our Management Services page.


The company may not use a name identical or similar to an existing company. The use of the following words is also prohibited except by licence or Dominica Government approval: Bank, Trust, Trustees, Insurance, Assurance, Reinsurance, Building Society, Savings, Loans, Chamber of Commerce, University or their equivalents in foreign language names.


The company name may end in Limited, Corporation, Incorporated, or the relevant abbreviations; or a word or abbreviation used in another country (e.g. SA, NV or GmbH) to indicate that the liability of the shareholders of a body corporate is limited. Contact Maritime International Ltd for details on any other Suffix you wish to use.


The Commonwealth of Dominica, located in the Eastern Caribbean, has spectacular hills and valleys, waterfalls and rain forests. It is a popular destination for American and European tourists, particularly those interested in diving and eco-tourism.

Dominica has been called the “nature island” of the Caribbean. Forests cover over 60% of the country and the hills and valleys are spectacular. There are over 365 rivers and the country has hot springs and the world’s largest boiling lake which endows it with tremendous potential for geo-thermal energy and/or spa development.

The population of Dominica is approximately 72,000. The capital city is Roseau. The country’s infrastructure is good with excellent water, power and communications. There are direct dial facilities worldwide via fibre optic undersea cable; and Internet data transmission facilities are readily available.

Dominica does not have an international jet airport so overseas flights connect to Dominica’s international airport using smaller turboprop aircraft. There are direct flights to and from Dominica from the jet airports on Puerto Rico, Antigua, St. Lucia and the French islands, with onward connections to North America and Europe.

The World’s major cruise ships dock at the new port facilities in Roseau. Over 200,000 tourists arrive by cruise ships each year.


The International Business companies Act was enacted in June 1996 and provides for the incorporation, operations and regulation of International Business Companies (IBC’s).

The advantages of incorporating in the Commonwealth of Dominica include the following:

  • There is exemption from all local taxes, duties and other similar charges for a period of 20 years.
  • There are no exchange controls on the movement of funds by IBC’s and there is unrestricted operation of bank accounts.
  • There is no requirement to file organizational or accounting information with any authority, and share registers are available for inspection only by registered shareholders.
  • There is no capital gains tax.
  • Members may reissue and reacquire their own shares and single directors and shareholders are allowed. Directors may be persons or another company.
  • Shareholder’s and directors’ meetings can be held outside Dominica.
  • There is no statutory requirement to hold an Annual General Meeting. If one is held, the time and place are determined by the members and the meeting may be by telephone or other electronic means.


The Commonwealth of Dominica is an independent Sovereign state with a written constitution. The legal system is based on English common law.


Dominica is a member of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank. The legal currency is the Eastern Caribbean (EC) dollar which is issued and regulated by the Central Bank.

The EC dollar is fixed to the US dollar at the rate of US $1.00 equals EC $2.6882. US currency is also legal tender on the island and is readily accepted everywhere.

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