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Offshore Limited Liability Companies "LLCs" offered by Maritime International Limited are confidential and tax free and may be incorporated to carry out any legal commercial activity.


The Offshore LLC is a corporate vehicle designed primarily for sole owners or business partnerships. A partner (Member) of an LLC is not personally liable for the debts or liabilities of the LLC. Each member's liability is limited to the amount of capital that such member has contributed to the LLC. A member's profit and remuneration is governed either by the member's interest in the LLC or by unanimous agreement amongst the member's of the LLC. Ownership certificates may be issued. These are similar to shares but may only be voting on the approval of the other members.

Management of the offshore LLC is vested in the members of the LLC, in proportion to their ownership, or as otherwise agreed amongst the members. A member of the LLC may be appointed to manage the LLC or an outside Manager may be appointed. The members of the LLC may agree upon an Operating Agreement.

The operations of the LLC are governed by the Operating Agreement. The Operating Agreement is drafted and agreed to by the members and it can be as simple or comprehensive as they desire. Maritime International Limited will provide a typical Operating Agreement as part of the incorporation package. This can be changed by the members as desired.

An offshore corporation can be a member of the LLC.

An offshore LLC may be opened and managed from anywhere in the world. There is no requirement to file any corporate, audit or tax reports, or accounts of any kind with the Government authorities. There is no requirement for books to be kept, and no requirement for annual meetings. There is also no requirement for the names of members to be recorded with the Registrar.

A corporate bank account or accounts may be opened and maintained in any country.

If you have any special management requirements, Maritime International Limited will be pleased to provide them. We offer total Offshore Company Management Services, including purchasing, invoicing, accounts, etc.


A registered office is required by law in all jurisdictions. This office is provided by Maritime International Limited and all statutory filings and other Governmental matters are handled by us. There is no paperwork that you need to do.


A member of an LLC is a partner in the LLC holding LLC ownership.

An LLC does not have Directors or Officers. Management of the LLC is vested in the members who may appoint a member or outside Manager to manage the company.

A person of any nationality may be a member of the LLC, and may reside anywhere in the world.


LLCs are prohibited from issuing bearer shares.

Members of the LLC are issued ownership "interests" in accordance with the capital alloted to them, or as otherwise agreed upon in the Operating Agreement. Members are issued ownership certificates.

A member of the LLC may assign any interest in the LLC, but the interest is non-voting unless the other members of the LLC agree.



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