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For 15 years Maritime International Limited has offered incorporation of offshore companies, offshore corporate bank accounts, and related offshore company management services.
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In addition to incorporating offshore companies and setting up banking arrangements, Maritime International Limited also offers a full range of services to assist you in managing and operating your offshore company. Please note these services are only available to clients incorporating and maintaining their offshore companies through Maritime International Limited.

If you are a busy entrepreneur travelling the world negotiating contracts and investments, you know how difficult it is to manage your company's affairs. Or if you are living and working on contract in various developing countries, with minimum local management services, it can also be very difficult.

For entrepreneurs, investors and busy expats working overseas, Maritime International Limited can provide you with a home office offshore.

Contact Maritime International Limited to solve your management problems. We have handled affairs for busy executives for many years. Just let us know what services you need.


  • Virtual Office Services
    A physical mailing address, phone and/or fax numbers for your virtual office in a variety of locations worldwide.
    Fees: Vary according to location desired
    Please Review Available Services and Locations.

  • Mailing Address

  • A mailing address, with mail forwarding, for your general business correspondence in a variety of locations worldwide.
    Fees: Vary according to location desired, plus communication costs for mail forwarding, etc.
    Please Review Available Services and Locations.

  • Banking Address

  • Many individuals wish to have bank correspondence sent to our offices both because they may be travelling extensively and for privacy reasons. This includes account statements, debit/credit slips, etc. These can be forwarded to you by mail, fax, email or courier or can be held in our office pending your instructions.
    Fees: US $75 per year, plus communication costs or US$90 per year for forwarding via email.

  • Basic Account Maintenance (Includes Banking Address)

  • Tracing bank transfers, depositing cheques, liaison with your offshore bank, account or credit card information by phone, fax or email.
    Fees: US $200 per year, for reasonable volume, plus communications costs.

  • Beneficiary Bequest

  • Transfers ownership of the offshore company and its assets to named persons, in the event of death or other event, confidentially, and without the need for including it in the will, with the subsequent probate in the country of domicile/residence.
    Fees: US$150 (one time fee). Amendments: US$50.00 per amended Bequest.

  • Invoicing Services

  • Invoicing clients, maintaining accounts receivables, records, statements and reminders, depositing receipts.
    Fees: US $300 per year, for a volume of up to several invoices per month.

  • Accounting Services

  • Provision of General Accounting Services for your offshore company, including payroll, General Ledger, P&L, Balance Sheet and other accounting services tailored to the client's needs.
    Click here for applicable fees.

  • Corporate Services

  • Corporate matters such as amendments to the Articles, resolutions, change of share capital, bylaw amendments, certified copies of documents, power of attorney, certificates of good standing, contractual requirements, etc. 
    Fees: Vary according to jurisdiction.
    Please Contact Maritime International Limited for Details.

  • Nominee Account Signatory

  • Acting upon your instructions, the nominee will sign checks, pay bills and handle other banking matters.
    Fees: US $750 per year.

  • Document Safekeeping, and Safety Deposit Boxes

  • Please Contact Maritime International Limited with Your Requirements for Details.

  • Hourly Based Fees
    Trustee Fees: US$200.00 per hour
    Directors & Officers: US$200.00 per hour
    Accounting & Adminstrative Services: US$18.00 per hour
    (Plus VAT if applicable)

  • Miscellaneous Services

  • Click here for details.

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