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Secure from OECD sanctions, business and banking in Dubai offers a number of benefits for international businesses.
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March 1, 2010 - Maritime International Limited executives visited Dubai, a major financial centre in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in February, 2010 to further enhance the company's Middle Eastern banking relationships for their clients' advantage. Malcolm Nickerson, Managing Director, and Laura Mouck, Director of Wealth Management, took the opportunity to meet with representatives of two major local banks, Mashreq Bank and Emirates NDB, and two foreign banks, Standard Chartered and Barclays.

Laura Mouck said after the meetings: "I am very impressed by the enthusiastic welcome we have received from bank representatives. They were very professional and have thorough knowledge of their products and services. I would recommend the banks in order of preference as Emirates NBD, Barclays and Mashreq. We do not consider Standard Chartered to be suitable for our clients at this time."

Maritime International Limited already has extensive banking relationships throughout Europe, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Ms. Mouck went on to say, "With the expansion of global trade and investment opportunities in the Middle East, Maritime International Limited's clients have shown increasing interest in Middle Eastern opportunities for tax free trading companies and banking. In our continuing efforts to increase the scope of our global reach for the benefit of our clients and to provide the best services, we thought it an opportune time to expand into this flourishing area."


With the OECD focused on threatening sanctions against the so-called tax havens in the Caribbean and Switzerland, etc, large flows of capital, and businesses themselves, have been moving elsewhere. Dubai is an ideal jurisdiction with no taxes, good regulatory administration, and no likelihood of bowing to threats from the OECD, as a consequence of their strategic position in the global economy.

Other benefits of banking in Dubai include virtually no limit on transactional banking, the availability of letters of credit, English speaking customer relations, multicurrency accounts, extensive international banking relationships, along with safe, secure and confidential services.

The Dubai banks offered by Maritime International Limited will accept all jurisdictions recommended by Maritime International Limited. In addition to twenty-one other jurisdictions, Maritime International Limited currently offers offshore companies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Also available are onshore tax free incorporations in Dubai Free Trade Zones, which allow consulting and trading business to be carried out in the UAE, as well as anywhere in the world.

Asked about Maritime International Limited's banking relationships, Mr. Nickerson said, "Over the past twenty years, we have selected our banking partners carefully after thoughtful examination of their capabilities and we work towards long term relationships for the benefit of our clients. In the context of the current banking crisis, not a single bank recommended by Maritime International Limited has failed and/or come under Government control. In fact, the firm has made timely reports to various clients enabling them to remove their accounts from crisis affected banks in a time sensitive and appropriate manner without loss to the client."

Mr. Nickerson continued, "While Dubai has had their share of problems during the global financial crisis, we are confident in their ability to grow and prosper. They remain open for business."

While the OECD threatens sanctions against various 'tax havens', the United Arab Emirates in general and Dubai in particular, offer a safe haven to interested businesses.

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