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Maritime International Limited deals with the holding of physical gold offshore, which can be by individuals, by offshore companies or by a Trust.
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November 3, 2011 - In our last Newsletter, Maritime International Limited dealt with Offshore Asset Protection Trusts. In this Newsletter we deal with the holding of physical gold, which can be by individuals, by offshore companies or by a Trust.

Gold is becoming the new "Currency" of choice in these troubled times as insurance against the currency crisis, and as a secure investment.

Over the last five years, gold has risen in value over 185%. As this goes to press, gold has fallen back slightly, along with the fall in the market, but it is still up by over 22% this year. Analysts expect this is only a temporary pause and gold will again resume its upward trend shortly.

What is the best form of gold to own? You can have gold equities or royalty trusts which appreciate with the price of gold, but they are not transportable in an emergency, and are subject to the possibility of bank failures. The same is true of a gold ETF fund.

Laura Mouck, Director of Wealth Management at Maritime International Limited recommends physical gold. "It has the best of all the characteristics of good money: durability, portability, scarcity and intrinsic value."

Where should you hold your Gold? While you might wish to keep a portion of your physical gold in a home safe, or under your mattress, or buried in your backyard for safety reasons, it is advisable not to keep all your eggs in one basket. That is particularly true if that basket is in your home country and can be stolen or seized at any time. Also, if the sale of gold or use of gold to purchase goods is ever banned in your home country, the gold you have in your home safe or wherever, will be worthless. After all, it will be a criminal offense to sell or buy gold or to buy anything with gold. You must keep your gold offshore where you can legally access it, and sell or buy other things with it, if you need to.

Maritime International Ltd therefore recommends you keep your physical gold in an Offshore Depository. There, it will be secure and those depositories we recommend are not required to report precious metal holdings to anyone, and you can hold, buy and sell as you wish.

"I am more concerned about the return of my money than the return on my money." - Mark Twain

For example, the French just passed a law banning the purchase of gold, using cash. Many think this is just the beginning of an attack on gold held in domestic economies and are rushing to move their gold to safe havens offshore.

Few still remember the example of 1933 when the US forced US holders of gold to "sell" it to the US at prices dictated by the Government. Many pundits in the US believe that the US will again restrict the sale of gold and possibly confiscate all domestic gold holdings by US citizens. Why? Savvy investors worldwide have turned to gold as a secure "currency" in these troubled times of a depreciating US dollar, and a Euro which many believe may cease to exist in a year or two.

Major centers such as New York and London offer physical gold, as do most banks, but we recommend purchasing from a major Swiss gold merchant, for safety and confidentiality. As we will deal with shortly, it is not desirable to purchase from a bank, as you will need to go through bank account opening procedures and comply with banking regulations, rather than just storage regulations.

The best location is, as always, Switzerland. Also, if you purchase in Switzerland, you can store your physical gold in a Specialized Depository in Zurich and not have to ship it anywhere for storage. If however, you already possess physical gold that you would like to move out of your home country to a safe, secure and confidential location, Switzerland is the answer.

Whether you wish to purchase gold, or wish to move what you have to a secure location, Maritime International Limited recommends a Swiss gold merchant and Specialized Gold Depository rather than a bank, and we can assist you with all the formalities. At a bank one will need to open a bank account before renting a safety deposit box, with all its attendant documentation requirements.

Even if a bank account can be opened, the minimum deposit is often very high, there is always the possibility that a creditor can attack your account or your account can even be frozen, or the bank can go under. These problems do not exist with a Gold Depository as there are no reporting requirements and the gold is yours alone. Depositories cannot become bankrupt as they are simply high security storage facilities, immune from the financial crisis.

A Specialized Gold Depository is recommended, and there are several with the usual five star Swiss reputation for safety and confidentiality, many in business for over a century. Your gold is stored in its own box in their ultra high security vaults and every service you need is available. You can access your gold at any time, remove what you wish, deposit what you wish and ship to other locations if desired.

We particularly recommend Specialized Depositories located at Zurich airport, as they are easily accessible for inward shipment if required, and instantly accessible to you for any immediate needs. If the use and sale of gold is banned in your home country, you can simply travel to Zurich and sell your gold for whatever currency you need or purchase whatever you need.

Your gold will be securely packaged, sealed and tagged with your unique ID number, and transferred to the vault. You will be issued with full identification documents for accessing your gold. You can even divide your gold at any time and reship it to almost any major center in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

You may feel that these specialized services will be expensive, but gold with a value, for example of say SF one million, will cost less than SF 200 per month for storage, depending upon your requirements.

Maritime International Limited would be pleased to assist clients in the complete process for the opening of a physical gold account, and the purchase and/or storage of physical gold in Switzerland, at the most secure, discreet and inexpensive Specialized Depositories in the world. We will also arrange for such gold to be held by you personally or by an offshore company or by an Offshore Trust whichever you prefer.

"The desire for gold is not for gold. It is for the means of freedom and benefit" - Ralph Waldo Emerson


If you would like more information on Gold Depositories, please contact us on our Secure Information Request Form, and address your enquiry to Malcolm Nickerson, Managing Director, Maritime International Ltd. Click here for your secure connection.

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