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Introductions are made to offshore and private banks for the opening of offshore bank accounts for corporate or personal use. Offshore banking in the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia-Pacific Region and Europe.
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In addition to the incorporation of offshore companies and offshore investment services, Maritime International Limited arranges introductions to offshore banks and the opening of offshore banking accounts for personal or corporate use. We maintain close relationships with international and offshore banks in many locations including the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, the UK and Asia Pacific region. This enables us to offer our clients the best selection, flexibility, and privacy protection strategies for their individual offshore banking and asset management needs.

If you are unfamilar with offshore banking or the difference between "Offshore" and "Onshore" banks, please review What is Offshore Banking?

Maritime International Limited strongly recommends that you open an offshore bank account in a different jurisdiction from that of your offshore company. This increases the privacy and asset protection features of your corporate structure. More detailed information is available on selecting and operating an offshore bank account.

We can assist in opening bank accounts at any financial institution of your choosing. However, we also offer a list of the banks with which we have long standing relationships. For these institutions, we have all the necessary bank account opening documents in our offices, and the banks already possess the necessary documentation and identification on our nominee Directors. This saves significant time and expense in the opening of your offshore bank account.


Offshore banks may be classified into two categories as follows:

  • Category 1: Major offshore investment banks with minimum opening balances of U.S.$15,000.00 and over. Maritime International Limited recommends banks in in this category in Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Isle of Man, Hong Kong, etc.

  • Category 2: Private offshore banks with a minimum opening balance of U.S.$1,000 to U.S.$10,000. Maritime International Limited recommends banks in Antigua, Belize, Cyprus, etc.

Depending on the offshore bank selected, credit cards and/or debit cards are available and some banks also offer loadable ATM cards. Secure internet banking is also available at some institutions allowing you to check your bank account balances and transactions, initiate wire transfers and standing orders, etc.

Details on offshore banking options are available at the time of quotation and Maritime International Limited will advise you on an appropriate offshore bank depending upon your business requirements, account activity, size of funds, etc., once you have decided to proceed with the incorporation of an offshore company.

Unlike other offshore service providers, we complete all bank account opening documents for you with the necessary corporate information, and send them to you for signature. This is included in our offshore bank account opening fees. We handle all document processing for you, and you do not have to visit the bank in person. Detailed instructions on the bank's requirements for documentation are also provided. We assist you with explanations and alternatives if you have any problems.

NOTE: We only open offshore bank accounts for clients with whom we have an existing relationship, i.e. clients for whom we have or are incorporating companies, or for whom we have provided other services.

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