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Offshore companies are available for Seychelles, Hong Kong, Marshall Islands, Nevis, Belize, BVI, Delaware, Dominica, St. Vincent, Panama, Antigua, Bahamas, Samoa, Dubai, Cyprus, Mauritius and others.
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Offshore Companies are offered for: Antigua, Bahamas, Belize, BVI, Cyprus, Delaware, Dominica, Dubai, Hong Kong, Marshall Islands, Mauritius, Nevis, New Zealand, Panama, Seychelles, Singapore, St. Vincent, Western Samoa and others. All incorporations are completed by our Attorneys and/or Trust Companies, registered by the Government in the country of incorporation. Click here to compare offshore company fees for all jurisdictions.

Maritime International Limited offers a full range of offshore services for the incorporation of offshore companies, opening of offshore bank and brokerage accounts and other offshore financial and asset protection services. Our integrity has been proven through our long years of quality personal service to our clients.

Maritime International Limited recommends the following jurisdictions as having the best offshore legislation, asset protection and privacy available. These countries are, in our opinion, the best independent jurisdictions on offer today.

All offshore companies we offer are fully exempt from tax as are the bank accounts we open. Consult Maritime International Limited with your particular requirements and we will be pleased to advise you on the best jurisdiction for your needs.

If you are not familiar with the Offshore and wish more guidance, click here for "Choosing the Best Jurisdiction for Your Company."

Asia Pacific:
Hong Kong A well known international jurisdiction. Not classified as a "tax haven". Tax free if no business is done in Hong Kong. Gateway to China.
China Start with a Representative Office (RO) in Asia's largest market. An RO will allow you to make contacts, promote your products, conduct marketing campaigns, research sourcing, joint ventures, and more.
Also available: China Companies
Marshall Islands An Asia Pacific tax free offshore jurisdiction. Company structures have excellent flexibility, company can be taken public, and investment activities can be carried out. Least documentation requirements. 24 to 48 hour incorporation. Highly recommended.
Samoa (Western Samoa) Excellent legislation and privacy laws. LLC's and Creditor Controlled companies are also available. 24 to 48 hour incorporation. Unique "Special Events Clause" provides excellent asset protection. Ask for details. Highly recommended.
Also available: Western Samoan Asset Protection Trusts
Seychelles Excellent tax free jurisdiction. Location: Indian Ocean. 24 to 48 hour incorporation. Accounting records must be kept.
Singapore A first class jurisdiction. Not viewed as a "tax haven" and acccepted everywhere. Tax free if no business is done in Singapore and no remittances are made. 24 to 48 hour incorporation. Highly recommended.
Mauritius GBC 2
Tax free, English speaking jurisdiction in Asia (Indian Ocean). Not classified as a tax haven by the OECD. Incorporation takes 2-3 business days upon final name approval, but preparation and release of documents can be lengthy. Accounting records must be filed.
British Virgin Islands A long established jurisdiction recognized worldwide. 2 to 3 day incorporation.
British Virgin Islands -
BVI Investment Fund
One of the Global leaders, BVI is the home of over 3,000 Mutual & Hedge Funds. Highly recommended. Excellent for start-ups.
Bahamas One of the oldest and most reputable tax free, Caribbean jurisdictions. Instant incorporation as the date of incorporation is the date of filing. Directors/Officers are in the public record, unless nominees are used.
Nevis LLC Recognized internationally as the best offshore tax free jurisdiction and structure for complete privacy. A good alternative to an IBC for those seeking the best offshore privacy. Highly recommended.
Nevis Corporation A safe, stable and long standing offshore jurisdiction with excellent legislation and privacy. 24 hour incorporation. Highly recommended.
Also available: Nevis Asset Protection Trusts
Dominica An excellent Caribbean tax free jurisdiction with good privacy and excellent prices. 48 to 72 hour incorporation. Highly recommended.
St. Vincent Excellent Caribbean jurisdiction with good asset protection. 24 to 48 hour incorporations. Good prices.
Also available: St. Vincent Asset Protection Trusts
Antigua An old established tax free jurisdiction. Legislation is somewhat inflexible as the business purpose is stated in the corporate documents and there are more name restrictions than usual. Incorporation takes at least 7 working days.
Latin America:
Panama An inexpensive tax free jurisdiction with good privacy. Incorporation papers are in Spanish with official apostilled English translation included in the price. Bearer shares allowed. Incorporation takes 5 working days. Highly recommended.
Also available: Panama Private Foundations
Panama Financial Services License Unavailable in most jurisdictions. This license, when issued to a Panama offshore company, allows the company to conduct various financial activities, such as acting as a payment intermediary, factoring, leasing, precious metal trading and more.
Belize A popular English speaking jurisdiction in Central America offering tax free offshore companies. 24 to 72 hour incorporation. Highly recommended.
Also available: Belize Trusts
United States:
Delaware Company (LLC) A tax free jurisdiction for those who wish a US offshore company. LLCs in Delaware are tax free as long as the LLC does no business in the US and has no US source income. Incorporation takes 1 to 2 business days.
Middle East
Dubai The PREMIER OFFSHORE TAX FREE JURISDICTION. Accepted everywhere. 100% privacy. Full corporate structure flexibility. Conduct business in the Middle East and worldwide. More expensive than others, but it is the BEST.
We have also opened branch offices for Maritime clients in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) states of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as well as in Jordan. In Dubai we have also handled the rather complex corporate problems dealing with the purchase of property in Dubai by an Offshore Trust, as well as later property sales. We are also experienced in the legalization of corporate documentation (including Arabic translations) for our clients doing business in the Middle East. Contact Maritime International Ltd. if you require corporate services or wish to purchase property in the Middle East.
Cyprus Non-Resident A tax free EU jurisdiction. May be used the same way as any offshore IBC but with the prestige of being an EU domiciled company. 4 to 8 day incorporation, depending on name clearance. Audited accounts are required to be filed.
Cyprus Resident Taxable at the low rate of 10%; lowest in the EU. Over 40 double taxation agreements which can be uniquely used to reduce taxes owed, if you have a company in a high tax jurisdiction. Reduced withholding on dividends for foreigners trading on the US Stock Exchanges. 4 to 8 day incorporation and audited accounts as above.
Note: Some websites state that tax free offshore Companies are not available in Cyprus since it joined the EU. This is totally incorrect. A tax free Cyprus company is still available if structured correctly. Unfortunately, many websites purporting to provide offshore services are full of errors, as the companies have little or no knowledge of the various jurisdictions and their regulations.

Note: The incorporation times indicated in the above table are based on the delivery of all client and KYC documents and do not include courier time or document processing time.

In addition to new incorporations in the countries listed above, Maritime International Limited also offers a variety of ready made offshore shelf companies in a number of these jurisditions.


When you set up your offshore company you may name a Director of your choice or you may wish to appoint a professional "nominee" or "third party" Director. The "nominee" or "third party" Director is usually a company specifically set up by us for this purpose, while you still maintain control of the company. Maritime International Limited offers a Nominee Director at no additional cost. If you are unfamiliar with the advantages and benefits of using a Nominee Director for your offshore corporate structure, please visit our Offshore Company FAQs.


The offshore companies and offshore banking industry is changing dramatically. For further details on major changes in regulations for offshore corporations, offshore banking, asset protection trust structures and more, please visit our Offshore News & Updates or subscribe to our Free Newsletter.

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