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Offshore companies can accept credit card payments on their websites with an offshore merchant account and settle payments to an offshore bank account.
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Working in conjunction with our partner company, Envision Global Solutions, we arrange offshore merchant account processing for e-commerce web sites. This includes the acceptance and processing of major credit cards, with regular deposits to your offshore corporate bank account.

The e-commerce payment platform was designed for international business people wishing to sell products and services over the web in a secure manner, without the cost of expensive hardware systems. The system allows all types of legal e-businesses to sell goods and services quickly and efficiently, around the world.


  • Credit card transaction processing - accept major credit cards online.
  • US dollar and Multi-Currency processing facilities available.
  • The highest level security, encryption and fraud protection systems.
  • You require only a personal computer, standard internet browser, email and access to the World Wide Web to fulfill customer orders.


Once your offshore merchant account has been approved, you (or your webmaster) are provided with a simple Webmaster Kit for installation on your website. Credit card transactions are then handled as follows and deposited to your offshore bank account:


  1. Customer initiates online checkout of goods or services on your website and submits credit card information.
  2. The card information is checked for authenticity and queued for an authorization number.
  3. The card is checked against an extensive "blacklist" of fraudulent credit patterns.
  4. You immediately receive an authorization from the credit card company's issuing branch.
  5. If the card is accepted, the transaction is completed.
  6. If the card does not receive authorization, both the customer and yourself are notified and the sale is rejected.

The authorization process takes approximately 30 seconds, depending on connection speeds and the internal computing systems in the country where the credit card was issued.


The transaction is processed in real time. Transactions are cleared with the credit card companies, settled with banks and transferred to your offshore corporate bank account.

For further information on Offshore Merchant Accounts for international e-commerce merchants, please visit our partner website at and complete the form to receive a FREE no-obligation quotation.

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