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With 18 years experience, Maritime International Ltd. is one of the oldest and most trusted offshore service providers in the financial services industry, offerring incorporation of offshore companies, corporate banking and related offshore company management services.
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Maritime International Limited is one of the oldest and most trusted offshore service providers in the financial services industry, offerring incorporation of offshore companies, corporate banking, asset protection trusts and wealth management structures, and related offshore company and financial management services.

When selecting an Offshore Services Provider to set up and manage your offshore companies, trusts, offshore banking and related offshore company services there are eight key requirements to look for in a good incorporator:

  1. Only use an incorporation agent who is located in a different country from where you are a citizen or resident. For example, if you are a Chinese citizen or living in China, do not use an agent located in Hong Kong to incorporate your company. If you do, all your documentation is available there and easily accessed. If you use an Offshore Services Provider located in another country it is very difficult to obtain information, without obtaining a court order in that country.

  2. Always use an incorporation agent who is physically located in an offshore country. Onshore countries such as the US, Canada and Europe do not have legislated privacy. Information available to an onshore incorporation agent is easily obtained by authorities in an onshore country.

  3. Your incorporation agent should be located in a different offshore country than where you expect to incorporate your company. If you don’t do this, all your information is located in the country of jurisdiction and is more easily available. If you use an incorporation agent located in Country "A" to incorporate your company in Country "B", your asset protection and privacy is significantly enhanced.

  4. Make sure your Offshore Services Provider does not put your offshore company and bank account in the same country. If you have them in separate countries, your asset protection and privacy is far better. All offshore jurisdictions allow you to have your bank account in any country you wish.

  5. Keep your various businesses separate. If you can afford it, use separate offshore companies in separate countries. Thereby, if one company is sued, it does not affect the assets in the other companies. If you cannot afford this at first, ensure you choose a multi-jurisdictional Offshore Services Provider, so you can easily separate out the companies when you can afford it.

  6. Check that your offshore incorporator has a physical address on their web site and provides biographical data on the principals of the company. The principals must be able to show significant professional affiliations. The website should also list the Guarantees that the company offers on its services. The website should also post its Privacy Policy on the website.

  7. Choose an incorporation agent who incorporates in several jurisdictions. Otherwise, if you need to move your offshore company for any reason, it will be very difficult to do. If you choose a multi-jurisdictional Offshore Services Provider, they can move you easily and quickly.

  8. Your incorporation agent should be able to provide a corporate Nominee Director located in a separate country. You should always have the incorporation agent in one country, the offshore company in another country, the bank account in another country and the nominee Director in another country. You don't of course need to use a nominee Director; you can be the Director yourself, but the use of a nominee Director always enhances asset protection. In many countries the location of the Director is where the tax implications are, so the Director must be located in a zero tax or low tax jurisdiction.


Maritime International Limited has physical offices in an independent nation and offshore jurisdiction with legislated privacy laws. The principals of the company have extensive experience and professional affiliations in international business and financial consulting. Please review our About Us page for complete details. We offer Guarantees on our Offshore Company Incorporation and Offshore Banking services, and our Privacy Policy clearly demonstrates our commitment to our clients' privacy protection.

Maritime International Limited is a multi-jurisdictional offshore services provider which means that we have the capability to incorporate offshore companies and form asset protection trusts in a number of different tax free countries around the world. This also enables us to offer FREE Non-resident Nominee Director services for your offshore company in an appropriate jurisdiction for added privacy protection - a service for which many of our competitors charge additionally.

Adding to our ability to incorporate in a variety of offshore company jurisdictions, Maritime International Limited maintains close relationships with international and offshore banks in many locations including the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, the UK and Asia Pacific region. This enables us to offer our clients the best selection, flexibility, and privacy protection strategies for their individual wealth preservation and asset management needs.

  • We incorporated our offshore business in 1990, and have a proven track record.
  • Unlike other companies who exist only on the Internet, we maintain administrative offices which our clients are welcome to visit.
  • We also maintain either a law office or registered Trust Company in each offshore jurisdiction we offer.
  • We are located in an offshore jurisdiction ensuring the complete privacy and confidentiality of our services. 
  • We offer a number of the best jurisdictions available. Many other firms offer only a single jurisdiction and therefore cannot advise you on the options suitable to your needs.
  • We offer a superior personal service with the ability to customize our services to your specific needs. When you contact us, you speak to a professional, not clerical staff.
  • We have many years of experience in tailoring solutions to financial problems for clients worldwide.
  • We are independent and not affiliated with any financial institution. We utilize the institution that best meets our clients needs.
  • We respond promptly and efficiently. Contact us from anywhere in the world and we will respond to your requests. Unlike many financial institutions and other providers, we will even call you back! 
  • We can provide impeccable references from our attorneys and bankers who have known us for many years.


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