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Formation and structure of offshore foreign asset protection trusts for offshore asset protection planning and wealth management preservation.
offshore asset protection trusts
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offshore asset protection trusts


Following are Maritime International Ltd's fees for offshore asset protection trusts in the various jurisdictions we offer. Once you have decided on a jurisdiction and the various details of the offshore trust (trustee, protector, etc.), we will give you a final firm quote for the complete trust structure.

$ 2660.00
$ 1520.00
New Zealand
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St. Vincent
$ 2500.00
$ 2000.00
Western Samoa
$ 2450.00
$ 1900.00


  1. If you wish Maritime International Ltd. to act as Trustee, co-Trustee and/or Protector the cost is as follows:

    Trustee or co-Trustee: US$ 500 per year
    Protector: US$ 250 per year

  2. If you wish to appoint your own Trustee for Belize, you can do so at no cost. The Belize Trustee does not need to be a Belize resident or Belize company. If you wish to use a Belize company as the Trustee, the cost is as follows:

    Belize IBC: US$1030.00

    IMPORTANT: Do not use a Trustee who is a citizen or resident of the country in which your assets are located unless you also appoint an offshore co-trustee.

  3. If you wish to appoint your own Trustee, you will need to open an offshore company in the jurisdictions of  Nevis, New Zealand or Western Samoa to act as the Trustee. Costs are as follows:

    Nevis: US$ 1205
    New Zealand: Included in Trust fees
    Western Samoa: US$ 1200

  4. In St. Vincent you cannot have your own Trustee. The Trustee must be a St. Vincent attorney provided by our office in St. Vincent. This is already included in the above listed fees. You can, however, have a co-Trustee if you wish. You can provide a co-Trustee yourself, or we can provide one for you.

  5. In New Zealand, there may be an annual audit required at a cost of US$1000 - $1500 per annum. This audit can be avoided, but only if the shares of the Trustee company are held by a nominee company in New Zealand. This nominee can be provided by the client or by Maritime International Ltd.

Note: Courier (US$65) or Registered Airmail (US$45) is extra.


Bank Account:
US $415 and up - Read More
Courier or Registered Airmail: US $75 courier or US $45 registered airmail
Rubber Stamp: US $40 each

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