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Grow your global business virtually. Receive incoming international calls or faxes anywhere you are with a Direct Incoming Dial (DID Land Line) phone or fax number with international area codes.
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Would you like to create impact for your business, project a professional image and make your clients and business associates think that you own a multi-million dollar company? Our advanced communication features add credibility to your business. Never miss a call or fax again. Have your personal and business calls or faxes delivered to you wherever you are worldwide. All you need is an internet connection.

Now you can have the communication tools that many Fortune 500 companies have without spending thousands of dollars. Receive incoming international calls or faxes anywhere you are by signing up for our Virtual Office Service with Direct Incoming Dial (DID) Phone Number. Want to make an even bigger impression and improve your professional image? Then sign up for your own toll-free 800 Direct Incoming Dial (DID) Number.

3 Virtual Office Communication Plans to choose from:

BusinessPro Package - Voice and Fax

FaxPro - Incoming Fax to Email

BusinessVoice - Incoming Voice Calls

Plus Toll-Free Incoming 800 Numbers Available!

Review available plans now!

DID Numbers are great for business people on the go who need their own Private Virtual Office including international incoming call and fax with dedicated phone numbers and international area codes. Or people who need important calls to find them wherever they are in the world.

That's right! You can set your DID number to ring on every phone you own. You can set it to ring sequentially from one phone to the next in the order you choose and for any number of rings you choose until the call locates you. Or, set it to ring simultaneously to all of your phones, until you answer any one. Or, you can set your DID number to locate you at a single number, even while you are traveling anywhere in the world.

Alternatively, you don't have to take the call at all. Just set your phone on "Do Not Disturb", let it ring directly to your voicemail where your clients will be greeted with your personal or company greeting and you can then return the call at your convenience. Best of all your Voicemail calls and Faxes are automatically sent to any email address you choose.

We have many international area codes (DID numbers) to choose from including: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, France, Italy, Japan Peru, Singapore, and Spain with more international area codes to come.

Review available plans and service options.


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